6.05.20 - SMM IHRC-Special Monitoring Mission

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SMM IHRC in Saudi Arabia
A press note by Dr. Amr Saeed Jad Muhammad Al-Feqi, RVC SMM IHRC in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Arab Region;

Today, corresponding to 6/5/2020, volunteers from SMM IHRC in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Rashid Ibrahim Al-Aql-Hammoud Muhammad Al-Khudairi _ Ali Muhammad Al-Shuraim_ Jamal Hameed Muhammad _ volunteer coordinator in Saudi Arabia Abdullah Ghadeer Al-Shammari _ Saudi Arabia _ they distributed food aid - to migrant workers _ and the poor, by the way month Goodness, Yemen and blessings, the month of Ramadan. Blessed and constructive and fruitful human work in the shadow of cooperation and the creation of a spirit of love, affection and cooperation in that stage that the workers go through due to quarantine - which led to the introduction of pleasure, joy, happiness and joy in the hearts of migrant workers in this Blessed month, may God reward the Islamic nation with good, Yemen, and blessings - in the northern border city of Rafha - in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in coordination with the volunteer team in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Arab Egypt. This initiative helped in a state of happiness, fun, joy and human cooperation. Fruitful and purposeful in introducing happiness and pleasure in a Ramadan atmosphere with beauty, splendor, love and cooperation _mentioned:
Dr.Amr El-Feki
Arabic Region
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