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IHRC - Climate Change

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How can education contribute to awareness and action on climate change?
Climate change is a topic unlike any other, While the prospect of human-induced global destruction may sometimes seem too overwhelming to address, everyone has a part to play in halting it.
Education for SDGs is a component of the fourth sustainable development goal on education. Goal number 13 on climate action targets the improvement of education on climate change. Indeed, education is about teaching young generations to understand and reflect on the physical and social world surrounding us so that they become citizens able to think critically, participate in decision-making and take action. Climate change education is therefore also citizenship education.
But It is the responsibility of governments to integrate climate change education into all levels and aspects of education systems. this requires coordination, support and resources. Education experts can develop curricula and teaching methods. It should be included in initial and ongoing teacher training so that teachers acquire the necessary knowledge and competences for climate change education. Climate change should also be widely communicated and discussed in the public spheres.
But what exactly would high quality education on climate change be like?
Climate change can be a challenging topic for teachers to address with their students. Education on climate change is grounded in science – but it is also about behaviour and action. It is about the environment and economy, but also about equality and social organisation. It promotes future citizenship that is environmentally and socially responsible on a global scale.
Sulaiman Ashiru
Peace Ambassador At IHRC & SMM MNVC To Africa.
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